First semester of last year (2016) I had finally began my journey into the Masters Program for the UP College of Fine Arts which, from henceforth shall be denoted as MFA for purposes of brevity.

FA203 under Prof. Austria had us developing a proposal for an artpiece that would have been created at the end of the semester. It was a formal introduction into the academic style of writing and a very nice exercise at developing our ideas through a variety of angles depending on where and how one would be approaching the project statement.

Through the exercise I had been looking for something different that would make for an interesting construction methodology or an addition to the plentiful techniques that are still being used very prominently within the industry. It is then that the idea of a key started brewing up in my head.

And so for the theoretical output therein I presented a chair that requires one to work. This was how it looked like at the time of development but I have ideas on how to build on the thought.

Let’s see how much further we can take it.

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