I think it was fate that we had gravitated towards Booksale at the SM Megamall basement that day… If you’re a bookworm like us, you should have an inkling of how hard it is to actually find something of genuine worth inside of Booksale because items from there literally get picked off as soon as they arrive (some patrons even have the delivery schedule and monitor it).

We’d actually browsed through the entire book at the store, just in case we had to put it back but decided that it’s going to be quite the reference and eventually took it home.

“The Furniture of Carlo Mollino” contains a curated selection of Mollino’s “organic chemistry” borne furniture AND variations of it. Just look at this incredible piece that I had no knowledge of prior to the book:

I haven’t finished getting through the text yet, but there’s plenty to digest – and the sinuous forms that are of his work are to be revealed within.

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