So I went into hardware stores to look at some possible materials, turns out, radial bearings cost a little too much for my taste.

Figured I’ll go to look at some toys to try and figure out some of the mechanics of the device that I have in my head. With the objective in mind I scouted around and stumbled upon one of the most intriguing materials on this earth – magnets! Haven’t been considering these prior but now its starting to dawn on me.

I had wanted the panels to somehow float and freely move about else be moved with participation from the individuals viewing the piece; with the addition of this, it becomes possible for both!

Found a few, for a good value and with variations in size even, and it has the potential to redefine the mechanics of the luminaire. This new configuration however is currently limited to a top firing one for best operational practice. Will do some simulations in the very near future.

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