Our class’ group show had been mounted at the Bulwagan ng Dangal within UP Diliman since May 9 and is set to come down in a couple of days. What follows are some images of all the exhibited works and a few notes on them as well. Enjoy!

Upon entry we spot the work of Ed Arcilla“Blah Blah Blah Belat” which alludes to the multiple meanings and universality of the act of sticking one’s tongue out:

It is followed by Sam Feleo’s “The Sex Life of Flowers” where a number of sculptural collages exploring natural expressions of desire within each:

On the opposite wall we find Ara Valiente’s “No Filter” – a collection of 60 transfigured images exploring the present generation’s compulsion to choose what to display and what is behind that choice:

Centered between the walls beyond the column lies “The Vexing Grid” – it is an exploration into the beginning/ideation of an act, without specificity… this one is by me BTW:

Adjacent to which is Chico Dellosa’s “Byahe” – capturing the essence of the ephemeral journey within a bus ride thru a painted collage triptych:

The show culminates within Ruston Banal’s “Kompasyun” – another journey, this time of the magdarame, through the elements present at the time of their spiritual cleansing:

We would like to extend our thanks to everyone who visited and even more so to those that stayed during the artist talk. A special shoutout to Ma’am Josephine Turalba for the guidance and consistent presence pushing every one of her six students for the course.

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