The formalistic approach had been noted by Prof. Austria during the final consultation stages of our class. This cycle I began my inquiry into form finding using primitives that are being used by all manner of drawing and modeling programs.

What you’re seeing above started out simply, layered on top of one another, the three basic geometries, with the addition of a flattened cylinder, and then a horizontal one, a cross spanning the midpoints, another meeting with the endpoints, and finally mirrored rays meeting with all the developed perimeter intersections. These eight rules make up the geometric pattern and yet, as basic as it may seem, within it we’re able to see more.

As an exercise, or better yet, a meditative state, I implore you to select one of the intersections inside, any one of them, and focus on that point. Relax your vision and look at the entire grid maintaining focus, by now you’ll probably understand what I’m getting at. The grid becomes alive and it only stops when you do. It’s no “Mandala”, but the description for one seems appropriate : a microcosm of the universe… maybe it is? But it certainly doesn’t look like one.

See anything? Let’s talk about it ^^

Contrast too high above? Try it with this one instead:

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